Friday, November 09, 2007


First - Some halloween pics. A Pirate and his Spider... The spider costume I made for my youngest last year, but he was too scared to wear it. So this year, he was ready. Notice the skeleton earring - the pirate wouldn't wear it, so the spider thought it would be a nice addition to his costume. Spraying my youngest hair black, really changed his appearance, or was it the face paint...

Nothing else has changed, other than I'm busy writing cover letters, ordering transcripts, and making several versions of my resume.
I recently emailed a woman who I've worked with a little when i was still at WIPP. She owns her own engineering company in Hobbs, and I've admired her since I first met her. It took a couple of trys before I finally sent it, but the letter briefly explained my predicament, and asked for her advice about staring my own business.
She responded briefly to let me know she wants to get together with me and talk, but she made one statement in her email that sort of made my day. You know its one thing when your family and friends say nice things about you, but i guess it really makes you stop and think when someone you don't really have a relationship with but maybe admire, makes a compliment. Here is her brief statement that made my day. "Please know that many people at WIPP had great respect for you. We all felt that you were stymied there."
Finally. The pool in Carlsbad opened two weeks ago. I've had to shuffle a little with my schedule, but I'm back in the water at least two times a week again in the morning. Yeah!


Unknown said...

Cute kids in costume. I remember back in the day when my kids let me make costumes for them. Ahhhh.

It must be confidence inspiring to have that woman who owns her own company 'on your side.'

Anonymous said... reader here. Lisa told me about your blog a while back :)

Adorable Halloween pictures!

Great job with the swimming!