Monday, June 22, 2009

Training again - hopefully!

So. Yeah its been a while. Its been a little more difficult to adjust into a new lifestyle than I realized, but I think I'm there.

Work life: I finished my first year as a teacher and survived. My sups are pleased and hired me back next year, plus they asked me to teach summer school. I was torn between, I've never had a summer vacation since I was like I a kid, but since I earn a teacher's salary vs. and engineering salary and there is a serious drought that is going to affect our ranching income ...I guess I could use the extra dough. No worries though I put them all on a self paced computer program that should sharpen their skills in regards to the state test thingy that is so much more important than anything else. I like teaching, and I think in general the kids responded well to my methods. I look forward to next year when I'm not so freaked out about all the crap I have to do on top of actually teaching.
My engineering business has been clipping along at a pretty good pace until recently. I'm making enough that the incredibly huge difference in take home pay from two engineering salaries to one level one teacher salary and ranching income is manageable. Its pretty slow right now, but lots of things are slow right now. I'm sponsoring a coed softball team, to get my name out there a little here in town. Also playing on the same team, but that is something I'll talk about later.
My Boys: They are growing so incredibly fast. I tell them all the time to stop, but they refuse to listen. They are finally pretty proficient on their bikes, so we are going on little bike rides together. We're spending time fishing and swimming at the lake, and they are getting better at both. I'll have to post pictures - later.
Training: I've been trying to stay on track with at least a running program, but have been unsuccessful. I'd do good for a couple of weeks, then something would upset my schedule and I'd find myself unable to get back on track for a week or more. I haven't ridden my bike in almost a year, until the other day I went riding with my boys. I forgot how much I enjoyed riding. I mentioned above that I'm playing on a softball team. I've been unbelievably sore from running the bases that it has really bothered me. So I sat down with my calendar and the calendar of tri races for this year and tentatively picked a race in the fall that I could train for. My schedule is kind of crazy because of all the extra stuff I have to do to earn my "real" teacher's license plus I wanted one that was kind of easy and had a small swim, because the drawback to where I live now is that there is no real pool to train in. I live less than 20 miles from a lake, but that limits my swim training to warm months and I have to coordinate with my family or friends so that I don't go by myself - which is not a safe idea. So my goal race is the Cotton Country Sprint in Leveland, TX in September. I came up with a training plan that focuses mostly on running and biking. I've gotten week one completed, so help me stay on track and get through to September 19th.

That's it for now.

Monday, October 06, 2008

So...yeah - not doing much training...

So it is two weeks until the end of first quarter, and I'm kinda starting to feel like I'm getting into a groove. I'm the tutoring genie at my school, so I don't get home early, and I get to school early 'cause I'm a freak and just like to do things that way. I'm enjoying it though, so not complaining. I figure when the time is right I'll get back to training. I still want to, but need to get used to my new lifestyle.

I'm losing weight though. My eating habits are good, especially with my new job as have no time to eat, and have not been bored, which usually leads to snacking.

Well - I need to get the boys in the shower and off to bed.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Just a Tad bit Busy

Oh my gosh! It has been over a month since I've posted.

so let me just say, that I've always respected teachers and never thought they were lesser than I because they taught versus designing bridges or something (except for all my history teachers that were actually coaches and did nothing to teach me history except pass out crossword puzzles). But now that I've walked a few miles in their shoes - I have a new found respect for them. This is hard work!

So I've been trying to keep up with all the stuff I'm supposed to do as well as figure out how to teach algebra to 6 periods of students who don't know their multiplication tables - can barely figure out how to use a calculator...seriously no wonder this district's math scores are below pathetic.

Anyway trying to keep up with my new job, plus all the requirements I have to fulfill to earn my real teaching license - the few engineering projects I have outstanding, regular mom/wife stuff in a house that we're still trying to get livable.. I've done absolutely no training.

Rather than worry about training, I'm concentrating on getting into a comfortable routine in everything else. I'm sort of playing around with the idea of getting back to running and sign up for a 5k this winter sometime, but all in good time.

So I'm a bit busy, but things are good here in the Tuc!

Thursday, July 31, 2008


We are here! Even though we are living among a tower of boxes, with half a dozen new windows piled up to be replaced, and a living room floor that is about 1/3 covered with flooring and 2/3 exposed concrete... we are here - finally after a year and a half of waiting.

So where and what is Tucumcari?

Tucumcari is located on the historic route 66 (I-40) and focuses its tourism appeal around that little fact. It is approximately 110 miles west of Amarillo, TX and 170 miles east of Albuquerque. It is Population of about 5, 989 according tot he 2000 census.

According to the Chamber of commerce website, "We welcome you to get your kicks in Tucumcari (pronounced TOO-kum-kair-ee,) the Heart of the Mother Road and the Gateway City of Murals. Nestled on historic Route 66, Tucumcari has more than 1200 motel rooms. Two lakes within half-hour drives, a golf course, world-class Dinosaur Museum, and Historical Museum. Legendary Route 66 motels, National, State and Historic Scenic Byways make for fabulous photo opportunities. There are beautiful murals, grand mesas, gorgeous sunsets, and striking monuments, and so many special events throughout the year. Because we are "The Gateway to New Mexico" for travelers on I-40 and US 54, and the intersection of State 209 and 104, we invite you to stop a while and make it "Tucumcari Tonight, Tomorrow, for a Lifetime!"

You can read all about the origin of the name, etc here. There is not much driving the economy here other than agriculture and lately that hasn't been too great as we've been in a drought for several years. However we've gotten some good rain this month and everything is green and lush and the irrigation district has promised some more water soon, so everyone is preparing their fields for winter wheat. We are just growing grass hay this year, but now that we're here Jeff has plans to try other grazing type crops - we'll see.