Tuesday, August 22, 2006

4 More Days

I already know my bib number - 97, and my swim wave - 4. I'm not nervous yet, but am anxious to get there. Sorry boss, just can't stay focused this week. We're heading up Wednesday night, staying at the mother-in-laws, then arriving in Fort Collins Thursday afternoon/evening. I'm almost packed, actually all I lack is my race day stuff - and the travel food. We've got bundles of stuff we're taking mostly to leave with my pregnant sister (37 weeks). I've warned my sister about my pre-race anxiety and she's warned me about her anxiety relieving special - her homemade margarita. Only one please, and a small one. Already going to be oxygen deprived... A few last minute errands today, and we're off tomorrow evening. I'm excited, but...

I just can't get motivated to do my race week training. I was scheduled to do an easy 25 minute run yesterday morning. Typical Sunday night restless sleep (why?) made me rethink that early morning run ( I need to be well rested...). Took my running stuff with me to work with good intentions, late afternoon meeting and lots of humidity melted my motivation again. I'll run tonight after the boys go down - not! It was thundering and lightening. Okay in the morning - not! Still thunder and lightening and raining. So to the office with my running gear again and my suit, cause today was an easy open water swim. Will I commit? Will I run, then swim this afternoon? Its weather dependent as well as mental dependent. I'm already reconsidering tomorrow morning's quick ride, my excuse - Don't want to get the bike muddy again. - Lame!

I've dug myself into a non-motivated hole. The only way out is to climb or run rather. Will I is the question?

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