Monday, July 24, 2006

Too Big.

So after 2.5 hours at Outdoor Adventures a great little bike shop in Las Cruces, Pablo and I came to the same conclusion. My MTB is too big for me. I had my suspicions as I've tried everything I could think of, or read about to try to alleviate the finger numbness. We narrowed the distance between grips a little, and raised the seat and pushed it forward. Its a little better, but I'll have to cope until I've got the dough for a new bike.

Its challenging being short. So while I'm saving my dough, I've got lots of time to find the right bike. A Terry bike would be great, but probably too far out of the budget for now. Even cooler would be a custom bike made by Luna Cycles right here in Santa Fe, NM. Maybe for my Ironman debut...

PS...if your in the market for a bike and your in the Las Cruces area, I highly recommend Outdoor Adventures, and ask for Pablo. Tell him Suzanne sent you.

Later -

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Herself, the GeekGirl said...

Have you considered the Trek E-7? I love mine.