Thursday, July 27, 2006

Weird Dream

I share this weird dream because it is triathlon related. So here it goes... Its the morning of a triathlon and for some reason I'm in the Los Alamos area and the event is like in Espanola or similar( I lived in Los Alamos as a kid, so I'm vaguely familiar with the area). Actually as I've pondered this a while this morning it is more like we were up in the Jemez area and the event was down in Los Alamos, but it doesn't really matter...Anyway I'm with my husband and boys out in a pasture that is very similar to the Valle Grande in the Jemez mountains (as far as ranching goes - this would be a cool ranch to live on). For some odd reason I felt I had plenty of time to go feed cows before driving to an event. Next thing I know time has slipped away and I'm freaking out because I'm going to be late. So we start driving down to the event. Along the way there are all these people out along the road, some are biking, some are running, some are picnicking on the side of the road (none are related to the event). Anyway the event is at this university campus like area - pretty buildings, shade trees, manicured landscaping. I arrive at the pool start and there is only two people left swimming. I plead with the officials to let me start late, I don't care about winning or placing I just want to complete the triathlon. They do not let me start, so I'm bummed. My husband and I walk outside and along this walkway surrounded by university type buildings, shade trees, but I'm just so very bummed about missing the event. Then my alarm goes off (4:30).

The bummed out feeling permeates into conscious reality as I feel unmotivated to get out of bed at such an awful hour only to go run telephone pole accelerations (run like crazy from one pole to the next, then recover for the next pole, then run...)especially since I did spints on the bike yesterday. It took me about half an hour to talk myself out of bed and into my clothes and get outside. The minute I opened the front door I hit a wall of heat. It was like 80 degrees at 5am, what's up with that - usually 67-73.
I hated every minute of it, but I did it. Makes me want to quote someone else's blog -
"Get up.
It sucks.
Then it doesn't.
Go train.
It sucks.
Then it doesn't.
In that order."

Now back to the grind.

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Herself, the GeekGirl said...

This is funny - it reminds me of the anxious college students' dream; you forget to go to class the entire semester and then you show up on Finals day or you show up and class isn't there any your anxieties are triathlon related!