Monday, October 06, 2008

So...yeah - not doing much training...

So it is two weeks until the end of first quarter, and I'm kinda starting to feel like I'm getting into a groove. I'm the tutoring genie at my school, so I don't get home early, and I get to school early 'cause I'm a freak and just like to do things that way. I'm enjoying it though, so not complaining. I figure when the time is right I'll get back to training. I still want to, but need to get used to my new lifestyle.

I'm losing weight though. My eating habits are good, especially with my new job as have no time to eat, and have not been bored, which usually leads to snacking.

Well - I need to get the boys in the shower and off to bed.


Unknown said...

Good to hear from you, sounds like things are good, the training will come again. Take care.

Michelle said...

How's things going? Did life run away with you like it has a tendency to do?