Thursday, July 10, 2008

A little nervous.

Okay so Saturday I'm doing the Bottomless Tri in Roswell. I'm trying to ignore the little bit of anxiety that is simmering just beneath my consciousness. To help with my denial (not!), I lose my bike shoes! I am not a person that loses things, forgets things yes, but loses things - no that would be Geek Girl. I get up Tuesday morning to to a quick bike session on my trainer and I can't find my shoes. The last time I was on my bike was a week earlier (hey my training program, not yours) where I did a brick workout and used my friends house as my transition area.

Oh - they're still in my bag! Nope - bag is empty clothes have been washed and miraculously put up. I search the house. I'm currently driving my mother-in-laws single cab dodge ram instead of my normal car - we traded for the month, so that we can use two trucks to haul trailers full of our crap to Tucumcari. I search the cab of the truck. Nothing, behind the seats, under the seats - nothing. I go back inside and get Jeff up - to help me. Why I don't know other than I wanted someone to feel my pain. I'm the one that finds stuff. I'm convinced it is in the genetic makeup of the males species to not be able to find stuff even if it was a snake and biting your... anyway I digress.

Okay - must have left them at my friend's house. Call her - she's a compulsive/obsessive house keeper - No go - not here. She'll look again. Later that evening after work, I start tearing the house apart (did I mention we're moving - my house is already torn apart- now double torn). Nothing. I look in the truck again. Nothing. What the heck! Now we are considering my options because I live in podunk and can't just run to my local bike shop and remedy the situation. I have another pair of bike shoes - no cleats. I could call GeekGirl and plead my case and have her buy SPD cleats and meet her before the race (she's coming by the way). Jeff suggested removing my pedals and replacing them with regular pedals with toe clips that I have on my MTB. Ugg! I'm freaking out - inside of course.

Next morning as I contemplate which option to pursue during my morning run - I decide to check the bed of the truck. Now - I did do a cursory look - I wouldn't have put them in the back, but my friend might have and I can't remember who had what when she helped me load my gear up last week. So I finish my run, climb in the back of the truck where there is a storage box - nope not in there. And three tires - one is crap the other two maybe spares for a trailer. I move them around and what do you know - my shoes!!! How the heck did they get under the tires? I really don't care, I'm just glad I found them, cause now I have no excuse to chicken out of the race - the first race I've done in a year. The same race that ended up being my last race last year. The race that every time I start running during a brick workout, I convince myself I'm not ready. The race that has that hill at the start of the bike.

It will be fine, gulp. It will most likely be hot and humid because its been raining like crazy down here all week. Muddy camp ground, mosquito's and humidity. But I've got water guns, water floaty things, buckets and shovels for sand castles - the camping/playing with my boys part I'm definitely ready for. so are they - "Is this the day we go camping?" They've asked everyday this week.

See you on the flip side, unless I lose my bottom at the bottomless lakes Triathlon.


Unknown said...

Strange that you lost your shoes and found them there.

Have a good race!!

Anonymous said...

Glad you found your shoes! Good this weekend and have fun camping, too :)