Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday Update.

The only thing out of the ordinary that has happened since my last post worth blogging about is... I spent Mother's Day weekend with my Mom and Dad. It was a really good and fun visit. My youngest decided to fall ill over the weekend with an ear infection and other sinus related stuff, but very fortunately for him and me, his Grandmother is an awesome NP that happens to specialize in pediatric ENT among other stuff. In fact she was just honored by her colleagues as an” Outstanding Nurse Practitioner." (I'm sure I got my acronyms wrong... if I did - sorry Mom.) So anyhow he got examined by Grandma and doctored up. He's much better now. Everyone was feeling better on Sunday and so we spent the morning at the Zoo having a great time. It was early enough that the crowds weren't there and cool enough that the animals were very active. Fun. Nothing like spending mother's day with your mom.

Let's see - oh and Tuesday was my 13th wedding anniversary.

Other news:
In my new career adventures, I ran across a woman that seemed so familiar to me, and then it finally dawned on me where I knew her from. A few years ago I spent one very enjoyable spring coaching 10/11 year old girls’ softball. This woman's daughter was my star pitcher. Ready for the shell-shocker... I coached the team the summer before my first son was born... My son turns six this summer... My star pitcher is graduating high school this month. OMG! I feel old.

Triathlon news... - none. Because it was our wedding anniversary this week, my husband was out of town - JK. Well out of town, but not because it was our anniversary - I don't think...
Anyway because he was out of town - uh not much training this week. I did try to find the local bike repair guy. I was hoping he just moved to a different location in town, but sadly he either quit or relocated out of town. So welcome back - and now I've got to find my bike repair bible - I think it is in a box that has been moved to Tucumcari... I have these aero-bars that I've had for 6-9 months now that I really want to put on my bike, but that means I need to remove these extra set of brake levers. I'm sure I can figure it out, but it's kind of like taking shirts to the laundry - sure I can wash and iron them, but it is just easier and less time consuming if I just pay someone to do it. Of course if it came down to what would I rather do - iron my shirts or work on my bike - that's why God made T-shirts.

I haven't signed up for the Bottomless yet, but the registration form came in the mail a couple of weeks ago and its sitting right there looking at me...


Unknown said...

I needed help getting my extra break levers off (which I wish I had left that is my commute bike). There is some cable rewiring involved; maybe just knowing that will help you figure it out.

I actually took my aerobars off a few weeks ago and am much happier without them. But I think it's because I'm just a weirdo. ;p

Unknown said...

break levers? I meant brake levers. Geez.

Anonymous said...

Happy belated Anniversary!!

I totally understand the feeling old thing...I used to teach preschool when our boys were little and now I see some of my old high school!

Good luck with the bike :)