Friday, February 15, 2008

Still in a Holding Pattern...

Well nothing has changed since my last post... over a month ago. Nothing I love more than hurry up and wait.

Let's see...On January 10th I was certain that in a few more days I would know if I was to jump out of the boat and swim or just hang on and ride the rapids...well those few more days turned into a week or two and now here it is mid February and I still don't know. Lots of outside influences keeping the decision from being made. I'm ready to jump, but don't know yet if now is the time. It would be nice if I know by the end of this month, but no promises.

Oh and I was pretty certain that my house was sold. So certain until the 4th of this month; we now have a new realator.

I'm pretty darned convinced that my career path and my house selling are tied together by the Almighty. I'm pretty darned convinced that the Almighty is preparing me for something and that He's not quite done prepping me.

I'm pretty convinced that although I feel like I'm going to go crazy, that I won't and that some day like all trials and tribulations that we go through - once this is past I will look back and shake my head, and say well that wasn't as bad as I tried to make it.

Triathlon training. What's that? I've not done so good. My excuse is that my life has been in such a state of flux that I've not had the focus. But really - I just got used to sleeping in and keeping warm under the covers. Plus I've been sick - okay only one week this year - then the pool was closed on Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday.... I did finally go running one morning this week. It wasn't too bad - now if I could just get on my bike. The swimming is good for the most part. I have been pretty consistent about twice a week. Someone light a fire under my behind and challenge me or something. I'm going to try and watch the Ironman championship on NBC tomorrow while I'm painting my other house that I may get to live in someday. Maybe that will inspire me - its what did it 2 years ago...(Ironman not painting - although I have this love/hate relationship with painting - its one of those mindless jobs - but its a job that my perfectionism really pops out and is a good thing.)

That's all for now.


Unknown said...

Sorry to hear that your life is in such a state of flux.

My suggestion is to not worry so much about triathlon training. Pick one discipline and get back at it. With so much going on, trying to add three sports at once might not work so well.

Anonymous said...

I think Lisa's advice is right on the money!

Hope things are looking up for you :)