Sunday, October 14, 2007

2007 Balloon Fiesta Report

For those of you who are not familiar with the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, check out their website. My parents live in Corrales, and on Saturday Corrales seemed to be the landing field for several balloons. We opted not to go down to the park to watch the mass ascension, mainly because of the time, temperature and the massive amount of people. My little guys probably would have froze to death, but we wandered around Corrales and got a spectacular view of the balloons.
My mom (the hatted women in the photos) and I walked my little one's legs off ooing and ahhing at the balloons. My mom really likes the balloons and is just like a kid during the fiesta.

We were fortunate enough to be near three balloons that landed in this one lady's pasture, she invited us in and the boys got to see one up close. Even though the morning temps were a bit cooler than us desert folks have been used to, the overall weather all weekend was beautiful. You couldn't ask for better weather.

Sunday morning, my mom and the boys went balloon seeking again, while I went for a 3 mile run with Lisa. It was nice to run with someone, and her pace was good (hopefully she didn't slow down for me). The balloons were much higher and sailed further, as this was their last day. It was awesome to run and have some colorful sky's to look at and distract from the task at hand.


Unknown said...

Love the balloon pics! It's great that the boys got to see one up close!!

And the pace was perfect for me! I think *I* slowed us down by wanting a few walk breaks.

Vickie said...

Nice pics! Glad you got to run with Lisa. I'd like to visit sometime for a run too!