Monday, August 13, 2007

Decision. guys know I've been training for the F-1 triathlon at the Bottomless Lakes. After the 2nd unsuccessful weekend as far as training goes, and with hints that next weekend will be just as unsuccessful - I've decided not to sign up for it. Basically our life is too busy right now.

SuperDad is making trips to Tucumcari about every other weekend - he's taking a load with him each trip and while he's there, he's trying to get all the farm equipment back together (taken about for hauling) and running, so that he can get some hay baled before the end of the season. This is important because a.) he's already paid for the irrigation water for said hay, and b.) the hay bailed should be enough to get us through the winter without having to buy hay. This equates to $2,500 savings (+/-).

Also, there are these folks from California that are showing a bit more interest in our place that any other person has thus far. Next weekend, should be their 3rd trip out to look. First trip they wanted to see the land, 2nd trip they wanted to see the house - this trip they want to be shown the property corners. So we've been busy around the house - last weekend I cleaned the inside of the house like nobody's business. This weekend I helped SuperDad load our stock trailer with an unbelievable amount of fire wood we had scattered about, and mowed, chopped weeds, picked up trash, etc. SuperDad worked on filling one of many holes in our dirt road with more dirt - we've gotten so much rain this year, our dirt road has really gotten out of shape. And finally in the few hours of daylight we had left we tracked down the property corners, so that I could show them to our prospective buyers.

So I'm thinking, if these folks decide to make an offer - we most likely will jump on it unless it is a joke. If that happens, then we've got 30 very busy days to get moved - and we'll need every spare day we can gather to get that done. Even if they decide not to buy, Labor Day weekend is coming and we could use the weekend before, aka race weekend, to load some more crap and take a trip up to the Tuke, so stopping for a race would not be helpful to that endeavor.

Plus - thanks to parents in general for raising children with no work ethic - I've had one swimming session in two weeks due to no show lifeguards. How frustrating, so I don't feel ready for 800m swim - I'm sure I could do it, I would just not be as prepared as I'd like to be. Also due to our busy schedules - trips to the lake have been few and far between this year, so I haven't gotten to even swim out there.

Let's hope that me bowing out of this race will appease the real estate gods (tongue in cheek) and these folks will buy our house and 243 acres, especially before the housing market gets even worse. Anyway I'm going to focus my training for the Defined Fitness Duathlon in Rio Rancho in November, and if I get a chance - maybe do the Cotton Country Sprint Triathlon in Levelland, Tx next month - Stay tuned...


Herself, the GeekGirl said...

Well, it's too bad you couldn't get to do the F1, but there's always next year. I hope your house sells!
So are you doing the Cotton Country again?

Unknown said...

I understand!

Hope to see you when you are here in November. I haven't decided if I want to do that DU yet, but you'll be too close to at least not do something with!!!

Vickie said...

Sometimes triathlon takes a back seat to life. While it enhances our lives, no doubt, our first obligation is still to those people and things that are most important. You will have your day soon. It would be so hard to concentrate on doing a tri with all this going on in your life. Better to wait until things calm down. At some point, you will be able to say: I am doing this. And it will happen.