Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bottomless Lakes Weekend!

We planned to make a mini-camping trip to incorporate the Bottomless Lakes Triathlon. Originally we planned to mosey on up the road on Saturday morning, and spend the day playing and resting and spend the night at the campground in our new (to us) pop up truck camper. But we did not factor in the Alien festival in Roswell. Those freaks know how to boost their local economy... so we began to worry about our chances of getting a camping site, so we tried to reserve a site - only to be told all reserved sites where reserved, and that meant we had to gamble on the first come, first serve rule of camping. I called the park ranger and we talked odds, then Jeff and I came up with a plan B, and Plan C.

Plan B was for me to take myself and the boys up to the state park Friday afternoon and try and land us a camping site, with Jeff to follow with truck and camper after work. Meaning we'd spend the entire weekend camping.

Plan C was to try and get a camp site at Lake Van in Dexter only ~15 miles away and then come over to Lea Lake for some fun in the sun on Saturday, and back on Sunday morning for the race.

Fortunately due to a good Thunderstorm in the area Friday afternoon, Plan B worked like a charm. So we spent Friday evening exploring the various lakes and driving the bike loop, and Saturday morning fishing a little at one of the other lakes, then a whole lot of swimming and playing in the water the rest of the day. This day also included a long nap for all in our air conditioned camper. What a totally relaxing and fun weekend.

So Sunday morning was the Race, if you've read Geek Girl's account then you get the idea, other than I'm kind of honored that she was worried about me. Hee Hee. I didn't have any expectations for this race other than to do better in the swim. I wanted to go easy to the turn around and pick up a little on the way back. I knew that I had no chance of beating Geek Girl, since she swims way faster than me, so I was my own nemesis this day. I didn't hold back at the start of the swim, and washed around in the washing machine for a few minutes before everyone left me in the bubbles. I just focused on smooth swimming. I caught up with Carol McGuire (she may be a slow swimmer but she makes up for it everywhere else , 1:05:34)at the buoy and thought - wow she's a slow swimmer too, so I decided to try and keep up with her and maybe draft a little. Didn't quite get close enough to draft, and eventually I lost her as she drifted to my left. After that I just keep my eye on the buoys at the end and kept straight. Got out and practically arm wrestled myself trying to get the zipper to work on my new- shorty wetsuit - need a little practice. Decided to get completely out of the wetsuit before leaving the concrete.

Did the T1 thing and hit the bike loop. Big hill right at the beginning, but I muscled up it, then it was rolling hills and some serious downhill. I like the bike leg, because it is the only portion that I feel "fast." I know I'm not real fast on the bike yet, but I'm getting there and it is a good mental boost before the dreaded run. I dropped 6 folks before coming into T2, of course I think 3 of them passed me on the run.

Did the T2 thing and hit the run. The hot run. Good thing it was only 4k vs 5k - like it would have really mattered. It was just hot. Its hard to run when you really despise running and it is hot. I had my belt with my water in it, so I used the aid stations delightfully cold water to try and cool down. Came across Geek Girl near the turn around and she tried to encourage me by telling me about the breeze once you turn around. And it was better on the trip back due to the slight breeze, but I had a side cramp the whole way back. Before the race, Jeff was trying to help me with my running. He told me when he used to run, that once he got into the groove of the run then he was just think about other stuff. So here I am running with a side cramp trying to think of other stuff. "Hmm, Jeff said think about other stuff. What should I think about... well when I get home later today I have to face the disaster area of my house that hasn't been cleaned in like - ever. No that thought is not helping..., uh well there is work - no, okay let me try to imagine the additions I want to make to the house in Tucumcari that I can't buy yet because I don't have a buyer for my place here... no this isn't working for me, so breath out, two three, breath in, two, breath out, two three..." Finally the finish line was in site and I kicked the last 50 yards are so. Done - yeah. Times = 12:59 swim, 33:48 bike, 32:39 run, Total = 1:19:26

I have to figure out how to get my run a little faster. I can't do much on the swim because of my limited pool time, which may actually become a worse problem once we move, so I've got to get my bike and my run faster. After the race I took my stuff back to the camp site, the boys changed into their suits and we played in the wonderfully refreshing water till lunch time. I took a small break to find out who won what. Didn't figure I'd get anything because when they don't have a master's Athena group, GeekGirl and others always hog the medals, but much to my surprise I landed myself second place Athena. Cool.

Jeff woke up Sunday morning feeling a bit under the weather, and it basically got worse as the day went on. After the awards ceremony I took him and the boys back to camp. Put Jeff to bed, fed my face and the boys, then headed back to the lake for a couple of hours of playing in the water and sand with the boys. Then we broke up camp and headed home. Turns out Jeff had some 24 fever thing that kept him home on Monday. Other than that little set back, the whole weekend was wonderfully fun and relaxed.

My next triathlon is ? I'm debating on doing the Formula-1 Triathlon at the end of August back at the bottomless lakes. Possible move withstanding, I'm a little chicken of the longer swim and the two runs, that second run is going to be just as hot if not hotter. I want to, yet scared to. Hmm. What do you think?


Unknown said...

I've heard the F1 is a lot of fun. I haven't gotten to try it yet. Plus, it's draft legal! Yay! Of course, that means absolutely nothing if, like me, you're too scared to chase someone's rear wheel.

Unknown said...

PS It sounds like your boys had a blast - what a cool weekend. The water was nice, wasn't it? It left my hair a little stiff, but otherwise, it was nice.

jbmmommy said...

Sounds like a great weekend and a great race! I hear ya on the running thing, it's just not my favorite, either. You will have to plan some better things to think about, that might help.

Good luck with the house stuff.

Unknown said...

How cool that you managed to have some fun down there with your family before the race.

F1 triathlon could be interesting. ;)