Saturday, April 07, 2007

What a week I had...

But I'm not going to elaborate here other than to say we had a heart related scare with SD, but all turned out okay so far. He's having a stress test Tuesday as a final check. As you can imagine, it put an interesting spin on the week.

On another more positive note - sort of, I'm considering buying a wetsuit. I've talked myself out of it before because right now I am only doing sprint races, and the races that are open water are in the summer which means warm water. But with the weather we're having lately, its not just Colorado Geek Girl, its 30 and icy here in the desert this fine April weekend - SD is currently building a fire in the wood stove as I type, I'm getting a little worried about the water temp getting warm enough for practice prior to the Milkman. SD said, "you should just get one." Is he cool or what? Of course he may be trying to get me to get off his back about losing weight, increasing exercise, watching what he eats...see previous paragraph.

So the researching begins. Any tips and info from my vast audience (not) would be helpful. One thing that bothers me up front is the sizing charts. I sign up for the Athena division for a reason, so my weight and corresponding height are not optimum nor do they correspond with the size charts. Do I buy one like I buy panty hose - weight vs height, or vice versa. Obviously I need to try some on - like that is an easy task here in nowhere'sville. Also what exactly am I looking for - there is believe it or not a Dive shop in Lovington - even smaller than here, but they are a Dive shop not a tri shop. I tried on a shorty there last spring before I could even run 3 miles straight, but I don't know much more about wetsuits now than I did last year and I know they don't know that much about triathlons - so I don't know if what they sell is appropriate.

Training meanwhile - I ran 4 miles yesterday and for some reason am very sore today. Today was my long bike outside, but due to the weather - forget it. Maybe it will warm up tomorrow.

Happy Easter!


jbmmommy said...

Sorry to hear about the heart scare, glad everything's alright. I don't have any good advice on the wetsuit, I "invested" $19.98 at a surplus store for my sleeveless/shorts wetsuit. I don't think I'll be buying anything decent for quite a few years. Good luck.

Unknown said...

I just bought a wetsuit online from you can email questions to their technical support people and they can guide you to a size/brand that should fit. Mine seems to fit okay, but the neck bugs me. I emailed them back to see if I should try a different brand, but they said the necks are basically the same, & I need to get used to it.

i don't think you want to buy one from a dive shop.

now you know everything I know. :)

Vickie said...

My recent experience with buying a wetsuit: I bought a women's large. I take a medium in a lot of things except a wetsuit. I figured it would be easier to get on and off if it wasn't suffocating the life out of me, and make it easier to swim because the tighter the chest, the more likely I was to have a panic attack. Going one size larger helped: no breathing problems and it went on and off like a charm. If women's sizes don't seem to work, go to mens. They are roomier and longer. I would try something on if you have the chance, however, but be prepared for the shock of seeing yourself stuffed into neoprene. The Ironman wetsuits, Orca, or Blue 70 are good choices from what I have tried or used.