Saturday, April 14, 2007

Yet another week

Well lets see...

I've got another cold - that's four this year.
Work has been hell - that's status quo since boss was diagnosed. (Can some experienced civil engineer decide to move to Carlsbad, NM for a crappy paying consulting job to help me out here!)
Weather has been weird, cold, then hot, cold, then hot - apparently status quo for this spring
{According to the average temperatures for March and April are:
Ave. Max. 69
Ave. Min. 33
2007 Ave. Max 73

2007 ave. min 43
ave. Max 75
ave. min 38
2007 ave. max to date 71
2007 ave min to date 42
Interesting... so what am I complaining about!}

Training plan - totally awesome spreadsheet - nothing grandiose - totally not following due to first three items.
Husband's health - very good - so good in fact he is on another fishing trip this weekend.
Property sales status - laughing joke of the year. Need a new game plan.

Boys - great, fun, ornery as heck,can't imagine life without them even when I'm knee deep in whining, time outs, and spankings
Blue factor - just tinges now and then.
Eating habits - totally messed up. When I'm bored I get the munchies, when I'm blue I eat to try and feel good, when I'm feeling good and exercising regularly I have good habits. Now I've noticed that when I'm stressed like I have been lately at work- I don't eat. Can't win for losing.
That's it -
"Got to have Grace under Fire"

PS - someone remind me to call and sign up for the Jay Benson -

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Unknown said...

Sign up for Jay Benson!!!

I registered via

Yeah, this weather is crazy. I give up on predicting anything from one day to the next...

Husband's heath being good is top of the list, all the rest really doesn't matter. :)