Saturday, March 10, 2007

I want to be in a Corona commercial - not for the beer, but the beach...

So I'm sick again...I'm not going to dwell on it here, other than to mention that this is becoming old. I mean a cold a month for the past 3 - kind of ridiculous. I took the warning signs and ceased all physical activity and opted for the most sleep possible, yet here I am with yuck in my sinus'. I'm taking all kinds of prescript allergy meds - in case you guys are thinking I've got some allergy issues - cause ya I think I've got some allergy issues too, but a lot of good the meds seem to be doing.

Anyway... the weather forecast for the weekend looks promising, so I'm thinking I'll go for some rides both days - to help get back on track.

I've been thinking a lot about warm, sunny beaches lately. The only beach I've ever been to was in Galveston, Texas. Not really the type of beach shown on the Corona commercials. I've never been one to want to take a vacation just to lay around and do nothing on a beach, but lately the warmth and boredom sound rather appealing. Anyway no vacation in the near, distance future as I have too many deadlines at work, and I need to save my vacation for the big move - whenever that will be. So those of you taking a break - even if your just staying home during the upcoming spring break... think of me.

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Unknown said...

Uh oh, I better not tell you the details of our spring break plans. Still working out the air detail, I'm hoping we can return on Friday.