Saturday, March 17, 2007

I Love to Fly.

Last Saturday I had a brief hiatus in my cold, I sat out on my deck in the morning and soaked up some sun while enjoying coffee and a good book, then that afternoon I went for a 25 mile ride. That ride was wonderful. I'm thinking that maybe it was the therapy needed during my blue winter months...
This weekend my cold turned sinus infection is about gone - thank you antibiotics. I've got the weekend to myself, but unfortunately I have to work most of today... so I'm debating whether to run this morning, and ride tomorrow or ride both days or...- my training schedule the last couple of weeks has been a make it up as I go, thanks to not feeling 100%. I'll let you know what I decide.

I love to fly!

Yet my wings are not fowl-like feathers,
But circles of man-made metal and rubber

Still I fly.

The wind rushes by tingling my skin;
Soaring high for as long as my legs can spin.

I fly high.

My mind soars as daily burdens are lost
In the noise of the wind that silences those thoughts.

I fly long.

The miles tick by as I push for more
Separating myself from life's everyday chores

I fly free.

I'm tethered to earth by mere inches on road,
As long as my heart pumps the farther I can go.

I love to fly!

My goal met, I yearn to keep going.
Yet two little voices I hear calling.

I fly home.

My flight to the nest is bitter-sweet,
but my body is revived and my mind is free.

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Unknown said...

Sounds like those bike rides are good for you in all aspects of your well-being. Ride strong...and FLY!!