Saturday, March 24, 2007

Alpine or Bust!

So I'm headed to Alpine, TX this afternoon. I was originally going to go solo, as SD has several weekends that he's going to be out of town and wanted to stay home to try and get some work around the house done. But - the forecast may dampen those expectations, and he asked if he and the boys could come along. I know he's itching to use his new megaphone. I considered it briefly - I was looking forward to the solo drive listening to my music and having self reflection time, but I know how much I'll miss my cheering section tomorrow - though it could be raining during the race and they'll be sheltered in the pool bldg or truck. Either way I know having them around helps my nervous factor.

Case in point. During last year's Socorro's Chili Harvest Tri - there was such a long wait to start the swim that I hung around with the athletes, then meandered over to talk to SD and the boys, then wandered back over to the athletes. I was wearing a HRM. While standing around making small talk with strangers, I noticed my heart rate was around 90. When I was near my family chatting my heart rate dropped to around 70. SD has always had that calming affect on me. I need him to come hang out in the office - especially after the week i just had...

Anyway - who am I kidding. I'll take my fan club over my music any day, plus I know I'll sleep better tonight with them there with me.

Wish me luck!


jbmmommy said...

Hope it goes well, I look forward to reading about it when you get back. Yeay for having the cheering section there, that makes all the difference!

Unknown said...

Best wishes for a fun triathlon experience!! I'm so envious of your fan club. I may try to bribe them to cheer for me too when you are up for Jay Bensen. :)