Friday, February 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Kat!

Today is my baby sister's birthday, and rather than send her a normal greeting card I thought I'd dedicate a space on my Blog for her. I got this idea from Lisa, and hope she doesn't mind me borrowing the idea. Since my sister is 30 today, I thought I'd share 30 things about her that you probably don't know.

1. She has beautiful auburn hair, that she can do anything with.
2. Her personality is true to her hair color, as she does have a temper.
3. Her blue eyes turn very green when she is angry.
4. She is very loving - which when we were young translated into touchy-feely-clingy, which of course annoyed me, and my "don't touch me" demeanor annoyed her.
5. She is very intelligent
6. She is very artistic
7. She sings very well - I always thought she should have pursued that talent more
8. She harmonizes like a pro
9. She can scat better than most Jazz pros
10. She swims like an Olympian - I aways thought she could have gone that far
11. She broke at least one high school swimming record that I know of
12. I was there when she did it.
13. She got tired of swimming and ran cross country during her senior year
14. I may have her convinced to try triathlons
15. Maybe at least as part of a relay team
16. She has the will of a competitor - nerves of steel, ice in the veins
17. She is an inspiration to me
18. She says I'm an inspiration to her - I don't know why
19. She drives like a grandmother
20. I don't think she's ever gotten a speeding ticket.
21. She and her husband throw crazy parties - especially during the month of February to celebrate their birthdays
22. She's always wanted bigger breasts
23. She pierced her belly button once
24. She conspired with me on many occasions to cheat at monopoly to beat our brother
25. He still wins
26. We didn't get along much when we both lived at home
27. After I left for college, whenever I'd come home we ended up staying up most of the night talking.
28. She is not shy - in fact the complete opposite of me.
29. I wish we lived closer to each other.
30. Her big sister is very proud of her.

Happy Birthday Kat!

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Unknown said...

what a nice tribute to your sister. :D

if you two decide to be a part of a triathlon relay team and end up needing a third, let me know. i think that would be fun (if it would work out).