Monday, November 06, 2006


Okay - so I'm an addict without knowing. You've heard the term runner's high, well I never feel "high" in the sense of stupid euphoric feelings or whatever, but I do feel energized and have a sense of accomplishment after my morning workouts be it running or biking or swimming (back in those days I had a pool to swim in before work...). Its nice to hit the shower at 5:30 and know that I'm done with my day's workout, but I never associated all of these positive feelings with a "high". As I've discovered lately, I do have inactivity blues. I would have never thought that this level of constant exercise would affect my mood so dramatically, but wow - two days without and I'm needing prozac.

Life is so busy right now that I don't know what we're going to do if it slows down...SD was gone again this weekend hauling stuff up north and hay back home. I couldn't get my long bike ride in this weekend as I had the youngest - although I had planned on hooking the kiddy trailer up to the mountain bike and taking him with me, but we didn't get to it between everything else we did. I did get my house superclean which has a prozac-like affect on this obsessive-compulsive freak, but I was a bit down in the dumps last evening. Then up at 4am for this morning's run and whamo the sky is no longer falling. Oh - and did I mention I forgot to set my alarm... I just woke up at 4am - I think I'm entering a new dimension here. Actually to be honest - this waking up at 4 has been happening a lot. I've notice for almost two weeks that I'm pretty consistently waking up at 3:55 (only on run days) - is this the behavior of an addict? My body is hooked to the elevated endorphins and wakes itself up in time for another fix. Hmm.

This is good right. What if I miss 3 days or 4 days, will I start having withdrawal symptoms, get the shakes, have thoughts of jumping off bridges... (dry humor)
I'm stuck now. Can't quit now or I might sink into oblivion. Solution to inactivity blues - at least 30 minutes of activity resulting in zone 2-3 heart rate, 6 days a week.

Goals for 2007...?


Unknown said...

I get what I think is a runner's high sometimes. I've never experienced the same biking or swimming. However, I do get a low if I don't work out including on Mondays, my chosen rest day.

Face it - you are hooked!! But what a wonderful thing to be addicted can only be good for body and soul. :)

Herself, the GeekGirl said...

I've never had a runner's "high". I have had moments where I felt like I could run forever, the run felt really good, really effortless. (Not this week, however...)