Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Third Week - right?

I'm so freaking busy, I'm losing track of where I am or where I'm going or where...
Anyway 2nd week went okay except I didn't get all my scheduled core training in. Not a big surprise, as I knew it was an aggressive schedule knowing my crazy life and the fatigue factor. I think I did okay until Wednesday, and then it all fell apart. Had thoughts of making it up over the weekend, but did not happen. I did get all my running, swimming and biking in so at least it wasn't a total loss. The other thing about this is that I really hate weight training. When you're running the scenery (even in the dark) changes - even if its the same path everyday. There is the weather factor, the wild animal factor, etc. Same goes with biking. Swimming can be more monotonous, but I'm usually too busy trying not to drown to get bored, but lifting weights sucks.

Even this core performance stuff just does not get me excited. Its short segments of stuff and only 2-3 days of bar bell work, the rest is using the physioball, but still. Its like ugg I have to get up early to contort my body using a big ball, I'd rather get up even earlier and go for a 40 minute run in cold weather. Ugg I have to do 30 minutes of bar bell work after getting up early for a run, working all day, fixing supper, putting little ones to bed... Gosh I'd rather sit and watch stupid, mind numbing reruns of Friends that I've seen hundreds of times because we only get like 3 channels out here in the sticks.

I'm sort of considering buying another ball and a couple more bar bells for my office. Thinking that it would be more beneficial for me to take a "smoke break" during my day of sitting in front of the computer and get a core workout in. Sounds good, but will I do it, that is the question?

Week 3 and I'm not too much better. I skipped my strength session yesterday, but got my physioball session in this morning. Swimming tonight!


Unknown said...

i'm doing core tonight (or at least that what it says on paper). not my favorite either. :(

Colorado Corner said...

I love weight training!... being in a small room that smells like sweat and hanging out with guys in spandex - its my idea of a good time. Did you get your b-day gift?