Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Bitchy Lane Mate.

Okay, so if you're read my Pool Blues post you know that I don't have a sweet deal with my swimming training - other than the river, but that is sans lifeguards now that school has started. Anyway...back to Artesia's pool.

Last night I showed up at the pool and the crowd was very light, although most of the crowd were in the 3 lap lanes. One lane had what I think is a family (father, mother, daughter). They are there a lot and take turns swimming lengths and such. Then in Lane two was a woman working on her weight by sort of side-stroking, aqua walking, and treading water while talking to her friend who is doing the same thing in lane 3. I chose lane three. I've seen these ladies before and last time they moved into the same lane to let me swim. Last night they were feeling surely. I got ready, put my cap and goggles on sat down on the ledge put my feet in the water and waited till she got to that end to ask if she minded sharing. But she didn't stop talking long enough for confrontational me (not) to ask.

So I debated with myself for a while, should I move over to what I'll call lane 4/5 and risk being jumped on by the kiddos? Lane 4/5 is left without lane lines so the kids can dive into the deep end. I finally decided just to force the share. I swam one length and met her at the other end, she actually acted surprised. I said I hope you don't mind sharing, but I'm going to be swimming laps. Okay she said in a sarcastic tone. Instead of following conventional lane swimming etiquette, I was forced to swim on the left side. Fine.

My main set was 16 50's with 1 minute rest. Last time I swam a set with 50's my average time was 1:06. Last night - average time 1:02. So was it the little boost of anger, or actual improvement? I hate inconsiderate people. She's probably one of those folks who stops in the middle of the aisle at Walmart to talk to a neighbor or worse on the cell phone. And we wonder why we have wars - its just our selfish nature - me first - screw the rest of you. I know I'm getting soap boxy here, but inconsiderate people is a pet peeve of mine.

In other news... I rode a 11.5 miles today in 50 minutes in the very,very dark. Note to self - replace batteries in bike light, not that it would have helped much. Also - second note to self - need more bleach, the kudjo dogs are getting brave again.

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