Monday, July 14, 2008

Bottomless Lakes Triathlon Race Report

I did it! It sort of feels like my first race, as it is my first race in a year. I don't have official results yet - but based on my inaccurate watch (that I tend to forget to push the button) I finished in about 1:20.

The swim - I used a shorty wetsuit, cause the water is kind of chilly. I started out with the pack and think I started a little fast, so I told myself to chill a little and get into a groove. Was a bit surprised when I started passing a couple of folks. The swim was great and I finished in like 11:11 which is most likely a PR for me - yeah (can't wait until official results are in). Jeff was surprised too and said that I usually come in with the last 3rd of the group, but this time I came in in the first third. Cool!. In transition I realized how much I may have pushed it in the swim as I was a little dizzy trying to get my bike shoes on, but did okay and headed out. I started up the dreaded hill and was breathing really loud, but kept on pushing it. I passed two gals (who I was sure got worried about me having a heart attach as i was breathing so loud) and as the hill slope started to flatten I almost passed a third when I tried up-shifting and lost my chain. I thought - crap and started to stop, then I thought - what am I doing I'm clipped in! Then I came to my senses unclipped, then stopped ( it like - pants first then shoes - unclip first then stop). I put the chain on and kept on biking. First time out with my aero bars (yes I finally managed to get them on by myself before the race). I didn't have time for a road test, but figured that I didn't have to use them in the race if it felt awkward. But I did a little and it will take some getting used to but my hands are looking forward to me using them more as it was great taking the pressure off of them ( of course other parts are not as thrilled as my hands). Anyway my bike time, I'm sure is a bit slower than in the past as I'm still catching up in my training, but I feel pretty good about it. I was a little out of breath coming into transition and tried to run my bike to the rack but was sucking wind, so I walk/ran. I switched gear and headed out on the run. I had a side stitch right away and tried heavy breathing, walk/run, drinking water - all the tricks and it just didn't budge - but I got used to it (huh?) and kept on running. It wasn't as hot on the run as last year, which was a big help and since it is an out and back I could see who was behind and I wasn't last - yeah! Finished the run strong and headed to the refreshments. Grabbed a slice of watermelon (that was like the best tasting watermelon ever) and a bottle of water walked back over to the lake where my boys were playing and walked in and joined them.

Later GeekGirl and a friend of hers joined me in the lake and we sat in the shallows and cooled off and chatted while my boys tried to shoot us with their water guns.

I feel good about the race. Got the anxiety of racing over with and am looking forward to my next race - which I don't know when yet, but maybe September. The out of breath thing just indicated that I'm still catching up wtih my training, but overall I feel good about my results. We left after lunch and took our load of stuff to Tucumcari. I left my bike, and bike shoes there. I just won't have time to ride for the next three weeks as we have a lot of work to do to get moved. I'll focus on running and try and get some swim time in for now. The boys were sad that we didn't get to stay the whole weekend, but I promised and Jeff agreed that we'd be back next year.


Unknown said...

mcisCongratulations!! WoooHooo!!!

Herself, the GeekGirl said...

"other parts were not as happy" as your hands were. I'm going out on a limb that other parts for you were the same as other parts for me. Perhaps this would help: get a seat with a cutout. The Specialized dolce is one of the cheapest seats out there, and very comfortable.

Herself, the GeekGirl said...

PS: It was GREAT seeing you out there again - I look foward to seeing you again soon!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations - great race and report!! Glad you had fun :)

Michelle said...

Congratulations!! I'm so happy to hear you are back at it. I know about falling off wagons and the only sweet part is getting back on. You did it!!