Saturday, August 04, 2007

Longest Distance Ever, for me...

Friday night I completed my 90 minute run. The goal of this run was to run for 90 minutes in zone 2. I was not nervous about this run, didn't put any real thought into it other than to strategize for hydration.

I parked my car at the intersection of two county roads. I have distances marked out in 3 directions of the intersection - not that a particular distance was a goal or anything, because I'm focusing on time and heart rate. I have an Amphipod hydration belt with just two 10 oz bottles. I need to get some additional bottles, especially for the F-1. I also have one Nathan Water bottle with gripper, and various other plain old water bottles. The plan was to wear the belt the whole time, because it has a pouch to carry stuff like my phone and my MP3 player which is on the blitz, and fuel. I hate carrying stuff in my hands when I run, so I decided to do the first leg with the Nathan, then chuck it at the car when I go by, then for the final leg - the shortest - I'd grab my final water bottle. I had Clif Bloks in my pouch, along with a few Sports Beans, one 10 oz bottle of Blue Accelerade and everything else water.

First leg was 2 miles out and back, second leg was my familiar 3.2 mile out and back, and the final leg was a 1 mile out and back. My not really focusing on goal was to run 6 miles. The good news, I completed 90 minutes of running albeit slow, and I maintained a zone 2 heart rate. The bad news is that my feet, my lower legs, my butt, and the hips, and my back hurt. The cool news is that not only did I meet my unspoken goal of 6 miles, but I actually ran 6.2 miles plus 4 power poles (measured later to be about .3 miles) for a total of approximately 6.5 miles. I have to say that the first hour was not too bad, but that last half hour was tough because the above mentioned parts where protesting rather loudly - especially my feet. Today is my rest day, tomorrow is a 2 hour ride, but I fear that my husband who's out of town will most likely not return in time - oh well. (Edited later - he did get back in time for me to get 1 hour in before it got too dark.) I'm scheduled to do it all again next week, we'll see if I get to go swimming... stupid pool - they have no consideration for my training schedule - Jeesh!


GeekGirl said...

Yay! Outstanding! So will I be seeing you at the new Elephan Butte Olympic triathlon this year? Or the Buffman and Squeaky next year? Huh? huh?

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Good job!! Not only running, but on planning your hydration so well.

I just recently got a hydration belt that holds 28oz total and am wondering how I ever survived in the past without it.