Thursday, May 03, 2007

Quick update

Work: same
Training: Good
Outlook: Up and Down…

Training summary:

Last week I doubled up so I could get more rest – huh? Yeah I rested Monday (was supposed to do core work but didn’t). Tuesday pre-dawn 35 minute run consisting of 10 minute warm-up, 15 minute hill intervals, 10 minute cool down. Tuesday evening – 1200 yards – lots of drills. Wednesday – rest and core work that evening. Thursday pre-dawn 45 minute “Suffer-O-Rama” indoor bike set. Thursday evening 1200 yards – main set 3-200 with 45 rest. Friday evening after saying farewell to SD and the boys for the weekend, ran 4 miles in threatening thunderstorm weather, averaged 11:30 minute miles. Probably not a smart thing to do since it was lightening, but it was awesome regardless.
Saturday am biked 15 miles with average speed of 15.6mph. Sunday – Rest. Monday I had to drive to Las Cruces and back for work. I took my running stuff and on my way back just west of Hope, NM I pulled over and ran 3 miles along some rolling hills. The first 1.5 miles was all climb ~ 78 vertical feet. I averaged about 12 minute miles. Tuesday was a work day from the fiery furnace, and I didn’t get home until 7 – so no time for swim. Wednesday am I skipped my indoor bike session – still exhausted from Tuesday. This morning I argued with myself for 15 minutes before I realized I was already awake – 45 minutes of Suffer-O-Rama. I hope to hit the pool tonight and have a productive training weekend as I should taper next week before the Jay Benson.

Items of note: Sore left leg issues – specifically left glut, and left hip flexor or something in that area. This is been a recurring issue for a couple of weeks. The soreness is not debilitating, just noticeable by the end of a run and for a while after – also it’s a little sore on the bike too. I’ve been trying to keep it stretched when I can. So is this my left leg catching up with my right leg (I’m right handed), or have I picked up a funny running gait? I don’t feel like I’m running funny, but then I also feel like I’m the fastest woman in the world when I’m running the dark by myself too.


Herself, the GeekGirl said...

Oh, dear - are new running shoes in order, maybe? I hope you figure it out and get it taken care of. I want to be able to see you at Jay Bensen!

Unknown said...

I've had some pain in the same general area and ended up seeing a PT about it. It still bothers me every once in awhile. :(