Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Wish List for my Secret Santa

This post is specifically for my Secret Santa or others who want to get me things triathlon related.

Dear Secret Santa,
I've tri-ed my best to be a good girl this year, and if I'm on your good girl list would you please consider some of the following items to bring me.
In no particular order...

  • Fist Gloves size medium

  • FuelBelt size XL

  • Road ID - If this strikes your fancy, email me for the pertinent info to have engraved.

  • Profile Design Airstryke 2000 Aero Bar or Profile Century Bar - you can find these at or Performance Bicycle - or if you have cool local bike shop in your area...

  • Bike Headlight get the highest candlepower you can afford. It needs to be able to fit on an oversized handlebar.

  • Aqua Sphere Kaiman Jr. or Small swim goggles. I have a pair - these are awesome, but you know how things wear out...

  • Wind Resistant Biking Vest like this or similar. Size L.

  • Illuminite makes cool stuff here are a few things I like - Beanie or neck gator or cap

  • I wouldn't mind trying a pair of these sunglasses or some with multi-lenses

  • Also if you can find a pair of size 9.5 Saucony 3D Grid Hurricane 7 shoes in your price range - grab em! or at least tell me about it so I can grab em.

  • Oh yeah I'd love to see this What It Takes movie.

  • Or check out the books and/or video reviews from for some training/inspiration type material.

These are just a few ideas...LOL

I'll add more as I think of them. I linked to particular web sites, but feel free to shop around. Also you can check out for all kinds of ideas. Since you are were you are (secret Santa who lives in the state mostly underwater), there may be some cool bike or triathlon specific shops.

Added 12/1... Lap Counter


Herself, the GeekGirl said...

I have the RoadID ankle strap. I love it because it gives me peace of mind and it's a pretty comfortable chip strp. I'll show it to you at Polar Bear. I also have carbon strikes. I love 'em. Good luck! I like the idea of this post. I may copy it!

jbmmommy said...

Nice list, if I had a rich secret Santa- or if Santa had more money this year, I'd steal some ideas. My birthday's right after Christmas so I'm hoping for some cash to make post-holiday sale buys.