Monday, October 09, 2006

Day 1 of Week 1.

I took last week completely off. It was fine M-Th as I got to sleep in on work days, but F-S I was kind of bored. Superdad commented that I was kind of bitchy all week too. Thanks SD! Anyway during my week off I poured over training plans, and came up with a 9 week plan to get me to the Polar Bear.

It is run specific, in that I will be running 3 times a week. I have a short, medium and long run planned. Picked up some training pointers from Galloway's running book, and even though he uses mileage, I'm going to use time. I decided to use my recent 5K time average (recent meaning the last two races and some of my good race distance training times). That works out to 12min/mile. Okay so week 1's long run is 36 minutes regardless of actual mileage. The Short run is 60% of the long run, and medium run is 80%. I plan to increase time by 10% each week, except during recovery weeks. It was fun working it out in a spreadsheet, I like playing with spreadsheets. Anyway I plan to swim 2 days a week until the Carlsbad pool opens (supposed to open November 1st - fingers crossed). If that pool does indeed open then I will increase my swim workouts to 3 days. That leaves one or two days for Biking. The plan is to improve in my running and swimming and just maintain on the bike for now. We'll see how that works. Also included in this schedule is some core strengthening work. Yeah - I don't know how I'm going to fit this in my already busy schedule, but I'm going to try.

Want to see it in print? Sure you do. Everything is in minutes, except the bike which is in miles. If you are curious about my core training, I'm following a modified schedule of activities from "Core Performance" By Mark Verstegen.

M-R22/C45 T-C22/S17 W-R29/C35 T-C22/S29 F-R36/C45 S-B18/C22 S-Off

M-R24/C45 T-C22/S19 W-R32/C35 T-C22/S32 F-R40/C45 S-B19/C22 S-Off

M-R26/C45 T-C22/S21 W-R35/C35 T-C22/S35 F-R44/C45 S-B20/C22 S-Off

M-R26/C45 T-C22/S21 W-R26/S21/C35 T-S21/C22 F-R26/C45 S-B12/C22 S-Off

M-R26/S21/C45 T-S28/C22 W-R35/C45 T-S35/C22 F-R44/C45 S-B20/C22 S-Off

... anyway you get the idea. There is always a city council meeting or something wonderful like that to mess up my evening swim schedule, so I plan to throw a morning bike in on those days if I can. Of course SD is going hunting during the end of week 2 and the start of week 3, and then later there is Thanksgiving to deal with. Plus its about time for everyone to get sick. But it looks good on paper anyway. Cross your fingers


Unknown said...

looks good on paper! i'm impressed that you do so much core workout (note to self...)

hope it goes well. i just might see you at polar bear. thanks for giving me that idea. :)

ShyTriGirl said...

Well, don't be impressed until I actually do what I planned. I usually run out of time and end up skipping the core. But I've had finger numbness issues on the bike for some time now and have done every conceivable thing to the bike, now I'm trying to strengthen the upper body and see if that helps.